(July 4th 2014)

Batman Vs. Superman 2

Blog: Batman Vs. Superman 2

It's rare that I put warnings/spoilers at the start of these but, seeing as this is actually of some length, I wouldn't want you to start only to realize that the whole thing is a rambling about Goku vs. Superman. Pre-death match days I never questioned that Goku could take Superman but, those guys seemed to do their homework and, thinking about it, I think you have to give it to Supes. I was pretty resilient of this idea for quite a while and I think I worked out why; Goku is generally a likeable character who trained and worked hard to get as strong as he was where as, to paraphrase Mr Pete Holms, Superman is white bread and inherited his powers from the fucking atmosphere. I don't want to believe that Superman is stronger for the same reason you don't want to see the spoiled rich kid succeed in films; they haven't earned their advantages. Sure Goku has a certain amount of “chosen one, he's the best because he's the main character”-ness, but he generally trained hard with a lot of different people. In conclusion Goku was written to overcome any obstacle but Superman, has at least become, someone that no obstacle can oppose. Also to Superman's credit there are some pretty interesting incarnations of him, like in the Justice Lords stuff in Justice League Unlimited or at the end of Superman vs. the Elite when you get to see him go Punisher (kind of). There's probably a lot more in the comics but, I'm more of an animated incarnation guy

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