(January 24th 2014)

Netflix #1

Blog: Netflix #1

This isn't a comment on Netflix so much as a comment on the readily available nature of Film and Television in general. Honestly this should be called “Torrenting Stuff #1” but I figured Netflix would have more widespread appeal. Digressing aside, I'm pretty bad for self control in regards to watching new shows. Five days after discovering Gravity Falls I had watched every episode twice and I nearly fucked up doing prep on a presentation I had to give in University because I started watching Soul Eater the night before. It's kind of like a very shallow representation of human nature. Imagine a monster that transforms people into invalids, but then it turns out that the monster isn't magical or anything and that it's just people choosing a light form of hedonism over productivity. In conclusion the power source for the monster is a mirror reflecting our collective desire to be entertained. That isn't really much of a conclusion though seeing as it's a train of thought that falls into the category of “no duh”. Of course it's fun to watch things that are, well... fun to watch. I guess this is just a transparent attempt at finding common ground. Really I could've condensed this down into one sentence: “Isn't it hard to work when you really want to be doing something else?”

We're not so different, you and I.