(January 17th 2014)


Blog: Dreams

So I've not been sleeping well. Not because of anything complex or meaningful, I'm just desperately trying to prevent my sleeping cycle from going too far off the rails as a result of not having much to get up for. To be honest I do have stuff to get up for but they're generally flex time affairs, the previous sentence was just getting a little long and I didn't want to clarify myself. Although I didn't particularly enjoy my time working at Daventry's luxurious 4 star hotel I did like that it managed to beat me into some semblance of an adult sleeping schedule. I used to be able to get up at 8 on the dot, now I have to set an alarm for 9 and I'm generally not ready to do anything until 10ish. Of course I still have to get things done so I invariably stay up late getting stuff finished which of course makes it difficult to get an early nigh. Do you see the vicious cycle starting to form? It's unpleasant and anyone newly starting a 9-5 job (or in the case of the hotel 7-varied) will be familiar with the transition period. In conclusion being sleepy sucks, especially when it's not a result of fun or carelessness. When you feel tired as a result of doing something responsible your brain is subconsciously making the connection that responsibility is a bad thing and you're being punished for it. Yep, that's how it works. Really the conclusion is that people need to do things later in the day, if you need to do something before 9am then it's probably stupid and not worth it.

I have a dream.