(January 10th 2014)

Crazy Straw

Blog: Crazy Straw

So I'm not a big drinker. I've taken drugs (well just the one) before and for the majority it was an enjoyable occasion. I've had fun whilst drunk before but the balance is a lot more favourable to weed. The point I'm getting at is, I've had more than a few debates about legalization and, oddly enough, I've been on the side in favour of decriminalised plants. I only bring it up because sometimes I forget that people have different core beliefs. If you get in a heated debate with someone and you try to boil down your argument to its very basics, it'll become a lot more basic issue. I've had discussions with good friends over legalization and eventually, without fail, the argument will always come down to a belief in libertarianism versus a belief in Statism. I'm pretty resolute in my view that consenting adults should be free to make any decision they want so long as it does not impede or harm others. I'm not saying I'm right and I think there are valid arguments for governing individuals for the benefit of society but, it would be hypocritical of me to subscribe to a Statism (Statist?) school of thought. I want to be free to do what feels right for me personally and professionally so I can't be in favour of denying others those same rights. I'm not special, why should it just be me and not everyone? But again, I'm not saying I've got it right, I'm just saying it's a way of thinking that works for me and makes sense to me. In conclusion this one time I was on a date in a pub and I hadn't eaten all day. I had a cider over a soft drink so she wouldn't think I was a recovering alcoholic and subsequently got tipsy off of one Magners. Personally I felt that I maintained.

Oh alcohol I still drink to your health.