(January 3rd 2014)

Another Two-Parter (Part Two)

Blog: Another Two-Parter (Part Two)

A brand new year and we here at Black and White Comic are kicking things off with a web comic. New years resolutions include; find more work, do more work and try to get work seen by more people... oh and produce better work. So 2014 is going to be the year of not sucking at my desired profession quite so hard. Personal relationships are holding up and evidently don't require as much attention as my ability to be good stuff writer. I guess I'm under the impression that everything in my life will just fall into place when I truly find gainful employment. People will like me, women will fall for me, and all discernible worries and concerns will just melt away when I start getting more work. Sounds logical and healthy, no? In conclusion I know on an intellectual level that money won't make me truly happy but it does allow for more freedom which, is usually where happiness tends to come about. Also If I had more work that makes me happy I'd also be happy (duh).

Mo money.