(February 28th 2014)


Blog: Creativity

I think this comic page is pretty self explanatory but, just to give you a peak behind the curtains of the Black And White Comic production process, here's what happened. I come up with the scripts for all of my comics way in advance, the first year I had everything drawn before I started uploading, this year I just had everything written and I draw them week to week. This week was originally going to be something called “Aperture Riddles” and it was going to play on that famous riddle where a traveller comes to a fork in the road and has to ask two people, one who tells nothing but truths and the other nothing but lies, how to get home. One of the two people was going to be a piece of cake and Chell would immediately know which one of the two was telling nothing but lies. Funny? Demonstatively not, and I figured that it wasn't going to be any funnier if it was drawn out. Also I wasn't sure how to block the scene so Chell could still be visible while she was looking at the cake. In conclusion I hope you enjoyed the picture of a bumble bee.

The cake is a lie.