(February 14th 2014)

Train Safety

Blog: Train Safety

I can't decide if my time on public transport is when I really hash out my best ideas and come to important conclusions, or if it's just a horrific waste of time that should be filled with me doing actual work on a laptop or something. I'm always worried that I don't properly balance out my time, mainly that I spend too much time umming and ahhing and never get the fuck on with something fast enough. Although that said the last big(ish) thing I wrote page count wise was made significantly easier by the fact that I sat down and spent time planning out where the story was going and why people would do things and etc and etc and etc. Like I say, I guess it's just a matter of finding a balance. It's probably not helped by a level of paranoia and insecurity on my part. It's quite easy to spend too long working on something without taking a break from it through a thought process of “this sucks, you suck, why is it again you thought that would change?” Again, whether or not this is well founded or not has yet to be seen, all I know is I probably should get a move on with things a bit more. In conclusion I should probably get my laptop fixed as well.

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