(February 7th 2014)

Inverse Ninja Gaiden

Blog: Inverse Ninja Gaiden

So I've started writing stuff for a martial arts website, nothing major, just researching Martial Artists and writing up profiles on them. As a by-product though I've been watching a lot more martial arts films lately This kind of touches on what I said way back when about survivors in a zombie apocalypses, you generally presume you're the protagonist. When you start training in a martial art you're more likely to see yourself as a power ranger than a putty. A lot of criticisms with martial arts training is the lack of balance between confidence and competency in students. If you're taught something new and you feel happy that you're starting to get the hang of it then it's easy to forget that you're still very inexperienced. It'd be like someone learning guitar who only just starting to get the hang of chord changes signing up to an open mic night... except with martial arts you're more likely to get your head kicked in. Obviously you need some confidence to do anything and you need to know when you're doing something right in order to learn but, I guess it's just more of a health risk with martial arts so it's more of a point of contention. I'm sure people have made fools of themselves at open mic nights before. In conclusion maybe you would get your head kicked in at an open mic night, I should I know? Maybe those acoustic guys are really intense. Just look at Willie Nelson, you know that guy can throw a punch.

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