(December 20th 2013)


Blog: Santa

I quite like Christmas. Okay it's a little annoying when the Christmas decorations in a shop clash with their Halloween and Easter stuff but, it's a remarkably minor part of my day. I used to really like Christmas when I was a kid though and, like most people, I find it just doesn't have the same magic that it used to. I think it might be a reflection on my relationship with my parents. We love each other and we get along fine but I guess we don't know that much about each other (for people that I've known my entire life). Maybe that's why gift giving is as big a part of Christmas as it is, it shows your parents take an interest in your activities. When I was a child my parents knew what I wanted for Christmas because they had to keep an eye on me all the time but as I got older I had to start writing lists. Again, I know this isn't uncommon and at the time I didn't really care because, hey, I wasn't gonna be disappointed on the 25th. And vice versa with them, they told me what they wanted/needed and I'd get it for them. No guess work, no pressure, everyone's a winner, mutually assured satisfaction. Maybe I'm just using Christmas as an excuse and really I should be less focused on the season and more on making sure I don't drift too far away from my family. In conclusion Christmas is pretty commercial but I think giving someone a thoughtful gift that shows you know them well is nothing to turn your nose up at.

Let it snow let it snow let it snow.