(December 13th 2013)

Studio Exec #2

Blog: Studio Exec #2

Let's get this out of the way right off the bat, I am not trying to imply that to a big time producer the concept of an original idea is “mind blowing”. The joke of this page literally starts and ends with “I like it when robot heads explode”. I will however say that a lot of big hits in recent years have been adaptations of existing works. Avengers (assemble; so you don't confuse it with the old Brits who fence), The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Hunger Games, Scott Pilgrim, Howard the Duck, all based off of pre-existing works. I know a lot of the high grossing films at the minute are comic book adaptations and I know there are super hero films that are just stories written for the screen with no pre-existing franchise but, I kind of wish there were more mainstream, high budget films that didn't have 50 years of back story to their franchise. I'm not talking about action films, I just would really like to see an original super hero movie that had more going for it visually than an independent film could realistically pull off. And I know why that's unlikely, if you're going to sink tens of hundreds of millions into a project you need a fair amount of security that it's going to make a return but, I can dream can't I? In conclusion I didn't really like Super. Maybe it's because I distinctly remember a DVD of it having a quote on the front that said “better than kick ass”. I know its not the films fault that it had sucky marketing like that but, bloody hell, well done to the PR guy who decided to immediately illuminate similarities between their film and an already successful film... and then go on to say that theirs is definitely better.

Boom boom pow.