(December 6th 2013)

Studio Exec #1

Blog: Studio Exec #1

You'd think I would've gotten my fill of literary infinite loops with that Girl Problems page but you'd be wrong. There does really seem to be this catch 22, Major John Major type deal when it comes to finding work as a writer. You need experience to get work but if you don't have any professional credits, why would anyone take a chance on you? It's fair enough, there's almost always someone with actual, professional writing experience looking for work so, why not just hire them? At the minute my counter strategy is twofold. One, work as much as possible in my spare time to bulk up my selection of writing samples. And two, try to under cut the rates of people who actually know what they're doing. Scab life, am I right? In conclusion I really wanted to end this blog post by quoting Charlie Kaufman's agent Marty, from adaptation. I only mention it because, out of context, it might not paint me in a great light if people aren't aware that I'm quoting something.

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