(August 29th 2014)

See You Next Year

Blog: See You Next Year

Well it’s the end of another year. I’ve been thinking a lot about my future. I wish I could say it was as a result of maturity but it’s because I’ve had a string of rejections and I’ve been hanging out with my vastly more successful friends. Either way, I’ve been having trouble thinking about my projects just because I feel like I should be focusing more on paying work, or more specifically how my paying work prospects don’t involve any form of writing. There, that’s my segway into complaining about my work... Although seeing as I’ve worked for them for a total of 14 weeks now and I’m still not paid I think it’s technically just volunteering. Either way, fuck that place for that exact reason. My list of reasons might increase if they decide to instigate a £300 fine if you want to leave an apprenticeship with them because, you know, that inspires a lot of faith in their organisation doesn’t it? In conclusion fuck those guys.

See above.