(August 15th 2014)

Tears Of A Clown

Blog: Tears Of A Clown

I really wish I could say something more in depth about this comic. Maybe an interesting insight about the inherit shelf life of any popular joke or meme. Or maybe about the nature of meta humor and when does a joke about lazy writing become, in and of itself, just an up market lazy joke? Honestly today I bumped into this girl I used to go to secondary school with and we chatted briefly and I thought she was kinda cute, but the only means of communication I was given was a twitter handle that I have since forgotten. Maybe this is the universes way of telling me that I deserve to be alone until I can remember to write stuff the fuck down. In conclusion a lot of awesome celebrities have died this year. Maybe it’s just that I’m only now noticing and lots of awesome celebrities die every year but so far 2014 feels like it’s setting a trend of sorts. Kinda like how 1999 and 2010 were amazing for film releases.

The first rule of fight club is...