(August 8th 2014)

Guest Starring

Blog: Guest Starring

So we’re coming up to the end of year two and I’m honestly surprised that you can become obsessed with replicating a success that arguably doesn’t exist. A slightly above average level of paranoia doesn’t help my situation but, I think a lot of people can sympathize with that feeling of inadequacy compared to past you. Suddenly everything you’ve ever done in the past feels like lightning in a bottle; you try to break down the structure of what you’ve written in the past and end up boiling it down to the point where every joke is the same because it involves a set up and a punchline. In conclusion I like year two better than year one. The first year I drew everything in advance and just uploaded weekly but now I write out the year and draw on the day, which means if I’m more inclined to fix something that doesn’t work or replace it altogether.

Three’s the magic number.