(April 25th 2014)

Graphs That Look Like: An Up Hill Slope

Blog: Graphs That Look Like: An Up Hill Slope

So I've actually not had too bad a week. Work is looking up, had some positive reception from a couple of projects, person life is still minimal but not hopeless so, all in all pretty good. As a result though I've myself with a stunning lack of things to talk about in this blog... which ironically is what I'm talking about now Do you ever worry that contentment will prevent you from producing any form of self expression? Marc Maron has touched on it in the past and it scares the crap out of me. Will creativity for me be a vicious cycle of contradiction? I'm unhappy because I'm not successful in a creative career but that lack of happiness produces interesting work... which makes me happy... and prevents me from working. See what I mean? It's probably easily fixed with a semi consistent work ethic. I conclusion I know I said ironic earlier but is it still irony if it's just an immediate contradiction? In hindsight probably not.

That's irony.