(April 18th 2014)

Link X Mario

Blog: Link X Mario

Do you ever have hypothetical arguments with people in your head? It's never escalated to the point of spilling out into the real world but it's still kind of an odd mindset to get into. Let's go through it step by step; suppose you've got some time to to kill like in the shower or while you're staring into the infinite darkness of your eyelids before bed. Every once in a while I ponder the worst case scenario of an exchange with someone I know; usually people I don't like but every once in a while I consider the practicalities of a friendship spontaneously crumbling. I don't know if anyone else does this but, it's a little strange to think that there are pockets of time in any given day where someone is thinking “god what a dick” about someone that's done nothing wrong and who they actually quite like. In conclusion hypothetical arguments are a good way to manage anger, lose weight and it helps correct spinal problems caused by bad posture. Also wasn't this comic page about Link or something?

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