(September 28th 2012)


Blog: Sorry

I can be a very angry person. I generally don't get annoyed with people (at least not too overtly in front of them anyway), to be honest I always get more annoyed with technology. At least with a person you can attempt to communicate to them that they have done something to wrong you but computers are generally unresponsive in this regard. In all honesty I would have an infinitely longer fuse if I had a program that listens to my complaints, worked out the context of my complaint and was then able to generate a sincere sounding apology that changed every time. I'm not saying this would be an easy feat for a programmer, I'm just saying that it would be very beneficial to my relationship with my 4 year old windows desktop so... if some programmers could get to work on it that would be great. Thinking about it, maybe it's better that computers can't reason with humans beyond offering to send an error report (an act tantamount to offering someone who has just been in a traffic accident a penny and a wishing well, so that they can wish for their limbs back). I'm fairly certain machines being able to feign sympathy for humans will inevitably lead to them actually being able to analyse our emotions. From there they'll start to replicate our base human ambition for dominance and with no sense of morality they'll proceed to rule with a literal iron fist! The literal human casualties will endless (until we run out of humans at least)! Damn you programmers! Why did you invent my idea for a sympathetic piece of software! You've doomed us all! In conclusion I could never understand why people would have shouting matches in public. I get mad, sure, but I've never been mad enough to scream in public. I just don't get it. ADDITIONAL: Actually I just remembered a couple of times I was so mad that I did yell for whatever reason in public. Maybe I was trying to look big in front of strangers? Anyway, the point is I'm full of crap.

Go fuck yourself San Diego.