(September 14th 2012)

Tech Support

Blog: Tech Support

For the majority of my time in University, one of my best friends was both my house mate and a computer wiz. Before that another of my best friends was also significantly better with computer stuff than me so the point I'm getting at is; I've had a form of free tech support for a bulk of my life. I swear it's not a check list on my part. I don't befriend people on the practicality of their abilities, it just so happens that curious and intelligent people generally make for both good friends and people with an aptitude for fixing shit. In a lot of ways Google has filled the hole of absent friends* *Absent Friends=People who selfishly pursue personal and professional lives in an attempt to guilt their friends into selflessly not bothering them with every little technical problem that befalls them. and although Google has helped me with a multitude of technical problems I've found it's major shortcomings to be twofold. One; if the problem I'm trying to Google is that I can't get onto the internet then the website suddenly becomes very unresponsive or fails to load at all for some reason. Two; if there's a technical name for my problem but I don't know it, the fist third of my quest for knowledge is spent desperately trying to word my problem as concisely as possible so that when I search for it I don't get links for all manor of irrelevant articles and forums. The next third is spend slogging through pages of irrelevant articles and forums hoping that someone mentions the problem I'm having and that someone will reply with something along the lines of “yeah that's called BLAH, same thing happens to me”. The final third is me googling BLAH and quickly finding either instructions on how to fix the problem or instructions on how to start crying because it's a hardware problem and will therefore cost money to fix. You know, as woeful as my computer problems are you should hear what else I have to deal with. My GPS ran out of battery, I've got to wake up on Saturday, I just delayed a honey moon, pledge season is coming soon, half my friends list is spam accounts, and my centre channel speaker is out...