(September 7th 2012)

GCSE Maths With Everyone

Blog: GCSE Maths With Everyone

And on this day, yet another webcomic endeavours to rip off Penny Arcade. In terms of over saturated YouTube genres I think video game reviewing is a pretty close second to vlogs, vloggers and other video blog related paraphernalia. I don't really mind having a pop at video game reviews; 1. because I actually like quite a lot of YouTube critics and 2. because I myself contribute to the over saturation of Video Game Reviewers. To be specific me and my friend Laurence contribute to the over saturation of video game reviews but I do most of the work; he just edits them, uploads them, provides the video and audio equipment, co-writes the links and co-records the game play commentary where as I bought a Hauppauge HD PVR. Incidentally if you want to see us prove that decent equipment can indeed make up for a lack of any genuine comedic ability make sure to check out Those Back Seat Gamers. Vlogs, I don't feel as qualified to make fun of; 1. because I don't really watch any and 2. because I myself have no experience vlogging. Actually tell a lie, the only vlogger I do avidly watch is Chris Chan and although that probably says more about myself than anything else, it does bring me onto my next point: I don't find vloggers interesting. The bulk of the ones I've seen are at best lazily researched opinion pieces and at worst insultingly transparent attention seeking. Occasionally you stumble across an engaging story teller but they are few and far between. Going to a YouTube gathering didn't exactly help disprove my completely justified prejudices against vloggers, a field full of obnoxious (yet inexplicably socially awkward) 16 year olds ready to either; stroll around like a smug bell-end, or invade the fuck out of your personal space. It was in a public park and the occasion was about as fun as having a migraine whilst being lost in the woods. I'm not saying that ill-informed opinions, sympathy fishing, general attention seeking and an inflated sense of self worth can't be entertaining, I just find it more entertaining when all that is being packaged in the form of a borderline fictional character/man child. Enter Chris Chan. So in conclusion; 1. self expression is not okay by me unless it's in the form of a review of a video game (the retro-er the better), 2. people publicly voicing their thoughts and feelings is boring to anyone who doesn't know the author personally, and 3. the irony of someone writing a blog who calls others self involved and ignorant has not escaped me. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm guilty of pretty much everything that I accuse vloggers of doing but I'm not willing to film myself doing it so that makes me better somehow... and I'm not just back pedalling or using self deprecation to avoid a backlash from the vlogging community.

Peace to everyone except for the dang, dirty, trolls.