(October 26th 2012)

Happy Halloween

Blog: Happy Halloween

I could pretend this comic is saying some big important message about my world view or personal well being but, in all honesty, I just really like Scott Pilgrim, Daria and Firefly/Serenity. I was always a sucker for pop culture references. I remember losing my shit as a kid when Freakazoid used a rewritten version of the Animaniacs theme tune as it's opening. It never really went away, it just kind of morphed. Obviously now everyone wants their favourite celebrities to feel down to earth and humble. Basically we want to feel like the people on Telly could be our friends in real life but, that's a different subject discussed at length by Charlie Brooker. Whenever someone I like mentions something (or someone) that I also like, I'm always desperately trying to decode whether they're mentioning it because they like it, or because they hate it. For some reason it's still import to me that the the people I like or otherwise respect don't think poorly of the things that I like. Unfortunately the downside of relationships formed with people on the other side of a glass screen is that you generally can't just ask them what they really mean. To this day I'm still not sure if Community actually likes The Barenaked Ladies or not. You see this is how bad it gets, I know that Community isn't one person, it's a collaborative effort between a lot of people (who are sometimes Dan Harmon) but I still find myself wondering if the mass collective that is Community does indeed like The Barenaked Ladies. In conclusion man is the most dangerous animal. Man is destroying the planet. Human beings are a disease. It was earth all along!

What a twist.