(November 30th 2012)

Girl Problems

Blog: Girl Problems

I've never been good with the whole friendly/romantic relationship divide thing with the opposite sex. It's not impossible for me to have female friends and I'm happy to have the ones I have but I still have trouble making that distinction between romantic and platonic affection. I know my short comings and I'm trying to get out of the mindset of seeing women as “opportunities” as opposed to, you know, people. I know I'm not alone in my inability to make this distinction sometimes. I know this because the Friend Zone is a thing and we generally don't assign abstract concepts a name that implies a large physical area if it doesn't affect a fair few people. It's hard sometimes because the base qualities we want in a partner are also what we look for in friends. I like intelligent, funny and talented people so, go figure, I've fallen for friends on the odd occasion. It probably doesn't affect people as much after they've got a few relationships under their belt because they have a better idea of what qualities in someone are advantageous or not. But for the few of us not as experienced in romantic relationships, it can still be very unpleasant and damaging. In conclusion people mourning their status in the friend zone are an odd hybrid of whiners and people with a legit problem. Yes things are bad but not as bad as you think and probably not for the reasons you think. Basically you're thinking all wrong. Knock it off.

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