(November 23rd 2012)

"Without" Comic

Blog: "Without" Comic

This is just a small thing but, how come Sam has thicker outlines than anything else in the first panel but then goes back to normal in the rest of them? Just thinking out loud. Anyway, every so often I see a play or film or comedian or I read a script and it turns out to be good. Really good. Really good and really ingenious. So ingenious that I convince myself that structurally anyone could do it. I mean surely if you strip the structure of it down enough it'll just be paint by numbers creativity? That's what screen writing books are after all, right? You have your frame work, you fill in the blanks and you produce something wonderful at the end. Obviously not, and don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the Blake Snyder beat sheet is detrimental to art but I've just generally found that trying to create something while riding on a high from another piece of fiction doesn't produce the best results. If I'm writing something and I'm more excited by what I watched last night than what I'm working on at that moment then something maybe amiss. In conclusion things are always harder than they seem... unless they aren't. If you're someone who usually finds things are easier than they expected then I don't like you. Fuck you and your easy life, I had to work for what I have... which is literally nothing. That's my nothing and I earned it damn it!

Oh sweet nothing.