(November 16th 2012)


Blog: Failure

I think bullheaded or otherwise prideful people take criticism in much the same way that most people take bad news in general. Now I'm no psychiatrist or psychologist but I have seen Fraiser, as well as several other TV shows that mention the concept of the 5 stages of grief, so I feel that qualifies me to talk on the internet about psychiatry... or psychology... they're basically the same thing, like astronomy and astrology, all just stars and brains and shit. So if the above didn't cause you to stop reading in disgust, thank you (although I do think a little less of you now. I mean come on, I compared the study of celestial bodies to horoscopes for god sake). But I think to prideful people being told your work isn't great is a form of loss. The thing you had absolute faith in was shaken and you look for a way to make sense of it. You try to discredit the person criticising you. You tell yourself that the short comings of your work is insignificant and to talk about them would be nit picking. Maybe you convince yourself that your shortcomings were intentional and are simply being misunderstood by an audience unable to process your talent. Whatever the reason I can understand how people can get protective of what they consider to be their finished work. In conclusion... literally nothing? I mean seriously, what insights did I make? People who think they're great don't like to be told that they're not great? Your welcome world. Your welcome for shining this light on the human race and apologies if your eyes sting from the harsh realization of the painfully fucking obvious.

My eyes! The goggles do nothing!