(November 9th 2012)

A Watched Pot

Blog: A Watched Pot

So if you're making low maintenance food (ready meals, microwave dinners etc.) they will usually come with cooking instructions, usually along the lines of something taking X amount of minutes to cook. So during this period of time (denoted by X) of waiting for an oven to do it's thing you should be free to do other things, right? Set an alarm so you don't leave your food for too long but you should more or less be free to do whatever you want while you wait for your thing to cook. I only bring this up because, although I realise all of this on an intellectual level, on an emotional level every time I leave the kitchen with something cooking I'm convinced I'm going to burn myself and my house down. I don't worry about leaving the iron on or locking up when I leave my home so I think it goes beyond basic paranoia. I'm not afraid of my carelessness resulting in collateral damage, I'm afraid of the possibility of having to explain to firemen that they were called out because while I was watching Two Best Friends Play a small instant pizza tried to burn my house down. In conclusion my concern for others is evidently outweighed by my concern of looking like an idiot. Also if you have enough time to watch two guys playing Kirby you have enough time to watch your house burn down.

Only you can prevent forest fires.