(November 2nd 2012)

GCSE Maths With Ed

Blog: GCSE Maths With Ed

So this is a joke that I used to do in my stand up set a lot when I started using visual based jokes requiring a specially made physical item (I'm not a prop comic, shut up). I'm going to presume the joke didn't go over anyone's head but if you don't get it let me clear up any confusion: “there isn't anything you're missing, it's legitimately not that funny”, so now that everyone is up to speed I'll continue. My sense of humour used to be (and annoying is still a little now) very self deprecating. By mocking my own foibles I think on some level I thought I was constructing a fool proof means of defence against mockery or criticism... which I wasn't. I'm not the only person in the history of the world to try putting themselves down for comedic effect and, as someone outside looking in, it always amuses me when people will happily call themselves fat but get furious if anyone starts whistling the airs from “who ate all the pies?” I think it stems from individual social ethics and a lack of communication. Basically everyone has slightly differing opinions on what is and is not okay to joke about, but no one is prepared to admit it. Or maybe some people will admit it but because they didn't say it very nicely the rest of the world won't listen. It's a vicious cycle is what it is. In conclusion fishing for compliments is wrong and giving out compliments to people who are fishing for them is also wrong. But being too smug is also wrong, as is not giving compliments to those who fish for them. Basically we're all horrible people.

You're the same decaying organic matter as everyone else.