(May 31st 2013)

At The Movies: Part 3

Blog: At The Movies Part 3

I've got a little bit of an obsessive personality I think. I know I self diagnose myself a lot in regards to mental health but, I don't proclaim this stuff lightly. I've got a pretty reasonable body of evidence to support this claim. If I see a TV show or a Film or whatever and I really like it then I go through a phase of being super obsessed with it. After a couple weeks and a few friends to talk about it with it equalizes and it just becomes one of the things that I love. Ironically after what I said about people drawing unfair parallels between Jessie Eisenberg and Michael Cera, the premise of this joke came from how much I loved Zombieland. I did student radio and I always liked the idea of using the 3 minute chunks they allowed me at first to do a short film review. The first week I would do a legit review of Zombieland and every subsequent time it would be me saying how I was going to see, whatever film I should've seen that week, but instead I just saw Zombieland again. I go into more detail about Zombieland and everyone has a good old time (in theory). In practise it probably would've gotten old fast but I still kinda liked the idea so I used it here instead. In conclusion Scott Pilgrim (the books and game) are very good.

Whoa there, Kung Poa Chicken.