(May 17th 2013)

At The Movies: Part 1

Blog: At The Movies Part 1

So I thought Michael Cera did a pretty good job in his role as Scott Pilgrim. He has mannerisms that people find grating and he has a stigma as someone who always plays the same role. I think this criticism is a little bit unfair, especially when people try to use Jessie Eisenberg's performance in The Social Network as a stick to beat him with. I thought he did a good job but at the end of the day, being a dick in monotone is not a display of dramatic muscles being flexed, I'm sorry. I think Mr. Cera is a very underrated comedic actor and although some of his performances are a wee bit one note I've seen him in enough different roles that I think a director could get a varied performance out of him if that's what the role would call for. In conclusion why the fuck was Scott Pilgrim a box office flop?

Mr. Pilgrim!