(May 10th 2013)

Wonder Woman

Blog: Wonder Woman

You know, I take a pop at Wonder Woman in this for her character design featuring a form of armour that is wildly impractical for the sake of a revealing costume. In hindsight there are a lot of Japanese characters that would've been significantly better targets. Actually that's a little unfair to a nation of people, there are specific franchises that just so happen to have been made in Japan that are significantly better targets for this criticism. Final Fantasy has some good candidates. Dead or Alive isn't exactly doing wonders for women's rights. The less said about Studio Gainax's work in this regard the better. It's not just Japan, overly sexualized female characters is something English speaking countries are no strangers to, just look at what's gradually happening to Chloe Moretz. In conclusion Wonder Woman probably shouldn't be the one being asked this question but, I didn't want to draw Witchblade so, here we are.

Girl power.