(May 3rd 2013)

Video Game Movies

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Adaptations are hard. Even when you're not trying to adapt something impossible like The Orchid Thief it still seems like an almighty pain in the hole. Different things work in different mediums as opposed to others; what works in a book or a video game or even in an older film of the same name isn't necessarily going to translate well onto the big screen at this time. With that being said, I'd really like to see a good video game film adaptation please. Pretty please. Pretty please with an extortionately priced cinema ticket on top? I didn't used to be so jaded about this but ever since I saw Silent Hill Revelations 3D for free on someone else’s netflix I've felt really cheated by the genre as a whole. Silent Hill Revelations 3D (which is bullshit because I saw it in 2D and there was no mention of any character or any location called 3D) featured a battle between good and evil that consisted of a teenage girl hugging an evil version of herself to death on a carousel because the power of love can do, oh I don't know, anything it bloody well feels like. In conclusion the best video game film I've ever seen is still Scott Pilgrim, which isn't technically even a video game film. I know it has a game now but that was post film so, totes doesn't count.

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