(March 29th 2013)

Happy Easter

Blog: Happy Easter

Eggs have a bold, rich history. From Dr. Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik to The Eggman (no relation) who became the subject of legends and folk tales among the Beetles. Eggs have played an important part in human history and are in no way responsible for high cholesterol. Humpty Dumpty was a good man/thing who deserved only the best of care when he fell ill. Unfortunately due to budgetary constraints and under staffing his medical care was provided by part time military personnel and full time horses. There were many neigh sayers and they were right. Because no one wanted to look a gift horse in the mouth, this great egg shaped thing/abomination was ostensibly put out to pasture. In conclusion the rumours of eggs solely causing high cholesterol have been greatly exaggerated. The Egg Council have done extensive research into the concern and have come up with a big goose egg. Provided you don't eat goose eggs you shouldn't need to worry about cholesterol.

You'd better run egg!