(March 15th 2013)

Dealing With Hoodlums

Blog: Dealing With Hoodlums

So I think most people can get a little paranoid when they're in uncomfortable situations like walking down a dark alley or getting mugged at knife point. Unfortunately I'm quite socially awkward so I find most basic human interactions uncomfortable, therefore I'm a bit of a paranoid head case at the best of times. Not the kind that makes you wear a tinfoil hat in an attempt to throw the government mind control satellites off your trail, but the kind where you're probably worrying a little bit too much about people's first impression of you. Although maybe a tin foil hat would help with that too? Hear me out; part of the problem of being paranoid about what people think of you is the 'not knowing' aspect of it. If I went everywhere in a tinfoil hat that would pretty efficiently remove that aspect of the problem. I'll know for certain that people think I'm nuts. Maybe that's why there are dicks in the world; they're paranoid about what people think of them so they go for broke and dictate what people think of them. If it works it works. In conclusion my tinfoil keeps tearing before I can mould it into any kind of a hat shape. Maybe I need to use an existing piece of headgear as a foundation and then build the pillars of sanity inducing shiny paper on top of it.

Haven't you heard? Being a Dickheads cool.