(March 1st 2013)

GCSE Maths With Sam

Blog: GCSE Maths With Sam

So in addition to song rights being costly I've also found that they're a real pain in the hole to acquire, full stop. I sometimes think that even if I had a million dollars (I'm actually British so this should be pounds but, I really quite like the Barenaked Ladies song of the same name) I still wouldn't be able to get in contact with someone just to inquire about how I would go about getting the rights to a song. I don't know how common this problem is with film makers. Maybe it varies from record label to record label (or whoever happens to own the copyright). Maybe I'm just doing it wrong because I'm not much of a producer but I legitimately have to wonder sometimes if there's some secret handshake or pin code that I don't know about. It's probably just inexperience and a lack of credentials on my part but I think most people occasionally wonder if there is some big secret that everyone is in on except for them. In conclusion The Truman Show evidently had a much better premise than I ever gave it credit for because, well, I pretty much just admitted to feeling exactly like how the main character feels.

Who rigs every Oscar night? We do!