(June 28th 2013)

Internet Reference

Blog: Internet Reference

Having close friends is great but you do occasionally fall out over things. I've never had that hard a time making friends with like minded people and, although I have trouble forming romantic relationships, I've always maintained that the friends I've made have more than made up for it. The point I'm getting at is, I like having close friends. Fighting with friends is always a little bit tricky, sometimes it's easy to patch up, other times not so much. Thankfully I can honestly say that I've never lost a close friend because of an argument, it's always a time/proximity thing. It becomes hard to keep in contact (and I mean real contact, not just keeping tabs on people on Facebook) and people drift apart as they move on with their lives. In conclusion (and I am legitimately sorry if this comes off as sappy and self indulgent but) I am very thankful that the close friends in my life, past and present, have all been mature and sensitive enough to offer apologies when they were in the wrong and to accept mine when I was being unreasonable.

People let me tell you 'bout my best friend.