(June 7th 2013)

At The Movies: Part 4

Blog: At The Movies Part 4

So in the interest of full disclosure, the whole 'at the movies arc' was largely conceived because I had a 4 page gap and I wanted to try something vaguely resembling a story that lasts for a couple of pages. I love doing a weekly gag strip but, every once in a while, it's nice to shake things up. I didn't just churn these out and I'd rather post nothing than something that I don't see any merit it. I think we've already established that I'm not above posting blank pages. These 4 pages started out as filler but looking back on them, I'm pretty happy with what I made out of, what was probably, not that great a premise to begin with. I think it's a glass half full kind of deal, they're not my best work or my most favourite but I think they could've been a lot worse. In conclusion... there isn't a moral at the end of this page for me to rip off... fuck you I guess? Oh and Twilight still sucks. I know that's nothing new but, It's worth remembering.

You'll pay for your crimes against humanity!