(July 26th 2013)

Writer's Block

Blog: Writer's Block

So I just realized that I've started quite a few of these blogs with the word 'so', so I'm gonna go ahead and try to ease off that, lest my writing become boring and laden with catchphrases ('in conclusion' is different, it's the only thing about writing essays that's stayed with me over the years). Anyway, back on topic, I tend to procrastinate a lot. Maybe I just like TV too much? No matter what I'm doing work wise, if I can have something on in the background while I work I'm happier. Even if it's just faint, just so I'm not working in complete silence. Back on topic though, I used to be really bad at procrastinating. It can make writer's block a real pain because, if I'm excited about a project and I have a lot of ideas for it then, I generally don't have a problem. If however I've got absolutely fucking nothing, the whole process gets a lot more interesting (in much the same way a traffic accident is 'interesting'). As I was saying, I used to procrastinate way too much but I think I've got a handle on it now. In conclusion I have made a point, I explained it, and then I evaluated the point that I expanded on... at least I would've done if I was any good at essay writing.

Beer o'clock, gentlemen.