(July 26th 2013)

Writer's Block

Panel 1 – Ed sits at his computer. – Ed (thought bubble): I have to finish this first draft tonight. Panel 2 – A large question mark. - Ed (thought bubble): Although I don't have an overall theme yet so I should work that out first. Panel 3 – A script entitled; Draft one, The Movie. - Ed (thought bubble): Maybe a full draft is a little unrealistic... Maybe just the first act. Panel 4 – A single page with a question mark on it. - Ed (thought bubble): You know, I should probably plan out the beats in the story as well. Panel 5 – A clock at 9 o'clock. - Ed (thought bubble): I'm just not going to be able to concentrate if I'm thinking about going out tonight. Panel 6 – Ed's Facebook page is open on his screen. - Ed (thought bubble): I'll just head out after I've finished up here.