(July 19th 2013)

First Impressions

Blog: First Impressions

So I believe I've mentioned that I'm not exactly a modern day Casanova and I think a lot of that comes from not being great at meeting new people. A lot of the instances of me meeting close friends for the first time always felt like we were on an equal plain. We were either introduced at some sort of induction-getting-to know-each-other type deals whilst at college or university or whatever. Or we were all equally drunk. No matter which way you look at it, we were all in the same boat. Whenever I meet new people my default seems to be a mindset of conviction that they don't like me, and won't like me unless I work for it in some way. I can believe a lot of people thought, when they first met me at least, that I was trying too hard to either be nice or to make jokes. In conclusion this 'revelation' might just be an offshoot of aforementioned paranoia. Maybe all this time I was passing but just outed myself for no good reason. Maybe I have a hard time forming bonds with the opposite sex because I decide that saying nothing is better than saying what I erroneously believe to be the wrong thing. Nah, paranoid terror for the win.

Everybody's coming to get me.