(July 12th 2013)

Contact Lense Solution

Blog: Contact Lense Solution

Okay, I know for a fact this isn't just applicable to me. Admittedly it's only really gonna resonate with people who get monthly contact lenses but, hey, at least I'm trying to make my subject matter more universal. If you wear non-daily contact lenses basically you have to store them in this special liquid when they're not in use (in use means jammed into your eye socket). You get more of it than you need a month and, in all honesty, I really didn't know what to do with all of them. I felt like Skyler receiving too much money to launder in Breaking Bad... only you can't spend optical fluid so I just kept on amassing the bloody things. This isn't a major problem but it's something you have to cater to. I had make space in my home for all these things that I didn't want but couldn't throw away because, technically, I was paying for them. The real sour note is when I was in Edinburgh for a month I didn't bring enough with me and I had to buy a bottle of the fucking stuff while I was there. Obviously I didn't get through all of it so it came back with me and had to find a home with the other forgotten eye care children. In conclusion I use daily contact lenses now and my dad sold the excess bottles at an auction so, alls well that ends well I guess.

I'll be watching you.