(July 5th 2013)

GCSE Maths With John

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I believe I've mentioned paranoia before in this blog. If this was a TV show this would be the place where I put in a montage of clips of all the previous times when I've used the word 'paranoia' or 'paranoid' but, I guess I'm limited by my medium. Instead here's the closest I can do: paranoia, paranoia, paranoia, paranoia, paranoid, paranoia, paranoid, paranoia, paranoia, paranoia, paranoid, paranoia. I don't really have much to say about this other than 'hey, so feeling paranoid is a thing' (there's another one). This one isn't particularly malicious, if that makes sense. It isn't a concern about people conspiring against you... I mean unless you think people are following you around with buckets of water I guess. If bad weather happens it's not a personal thing, it's literally only explainable with bad luck. In conclusion sometimes bad things happen to you for no earthly rhyme or reason (rhythm has yet to be determined). Sometimes bad things happen that inconvenience you so specifically that you're sure there must be something much bigger out there with the single goal of fucking you over. Coincidence is funny that way.

Odds are.