(January 18th 2013)


Blog: Lonliness

It's not uncommon for masses to be placated with a common enemy and I know the same is as true for individuals as it is for groups. We will occasionally pick a problem in our lives and decide that that one thing is what's preventing us from succeeding or being happy. It still infuriates me though when people say that's what I'm doing by fixating on my laptop failing to notify me when my caps lock is on. How can I work if I don't know that I'm going to start writing in capitals? Answer; I can't. I mean sure I could write on my desktop computer but that's just treating the symptoms, not the raging virus that is my laptop not working correctly. Maybe using a virus analogy when talking about a computer's hardware wasn't a great idea in terms of clarity but, the point still stands. If I try to write on my laptop, I have no way of knowing whether I have caps lock on or not. What am I supposed to do? Start writing and then delete it? What If I write something genius and forget what it is after I delete it? How would I live with myself. No this is a problem that I need to fix before I can start worrying about job prospects or personal relationships or physical health. But it's a shame when people can't realise that their insignificant problems aren't nearly as big as they'd want them to be. In conclusion maybe my life will fall into place if I get a mac book? I mean this is why we have brand wars, right?

SEGA does what Ninten-don't