(January 11th 2013)

Comics Are Hard

Blog: Comics Are Hard

I don't have much of a background in producing sequential art and I'm generally a lot happier when I'm writing but I wanted to make something that I could just run by myself. That's beside the point though, the point is when I draw this thing I usually base the contents of a panel around what needs to be said in aforementioned panel. I do the speech bubble first and fit the images around that which, I know is wrong and bad form but, I'm pretty sure no one is reading my comic for the stunning art work. If we're being 100% honest with ourselves I don't think anyone is reading my comic period but, hey, got to stay optimistic. I guess this is just an off shoot of bog standard paranoia about something I've made but I think it's different when I know I'm doing something wrong. It'd be like operating a bicycle with my hands. Sure it works and it doesn't really hurt anyone but if you know the pedals are where your feet are supposed to go you're never at ease. You're always going to be waiting for the day when someone asks if you know you're doing it wrong and you have to say, yes. And then scramble to try to think of a coherent reason why you'd intentionally do something wrong because it's easier than learning to do it the right way. In conclusion it's called a foot-cycle for a reason. Feet go in the pedals of a bicycle and I need to learn to draw people before words.

I want to ride my bike.