(January 4th 2013)

Two-Parter (Part Two)

Blog: Two-Parter (Part Two)

I'm really interested by the mechanics of how jokes work, specifically the mechanics of how a punchline works. My favourite jokes are always either ones that end with something I never would've expected or end with something I did expect but worded in a way that I never could've imagined. My favourite jokes are good jokes is what I'm saying, I know it's a hell of an insight. Believe it or not I did put a reasonable amount of conscious effort into this two parter. I wanted something confusing in the first part but that promises a lot, and in the second part I wanted it to be something of a let down in terms of scale. I didn't want to flat out piss people off though so I didn't want it to be nonsensical. In conclusion, or more specifically, in regards to the previous weeks comic; a friend of mine who likes my comic gave me some constructive criticism. It was along the lines of; I spent 5 minutes waiting for a blank white page to load. Stop uploading the images weird.

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.