(February 15th 2013)

Valentines Day-ish

Blog: Valentines Day-ish

This comic is pretty straight forward, cupid as a concept is fucking weird. I think Angel from X-Men is at best ridiculous looking and useless so his infant counter part doesn't really hold up much better. It just creeps me out a little bit when I actually stop and think about a baby having wings and enough sentient thought to operate said wings as well as a device for firing arrows. It's like Daryl Dixon cross Baby Geniuses, it's fucking creepy. And it has the power to invoke and manipulate base human desires and impulses. Look I know this is a little unfair of me. I know if you put Santa or the Easter Bunny under the same scrutiny they become twisted and strange as well but that's just the thing; Cupid doesn't get put through the same scrutiny as Santa and the Easter Bunny. For some reason the airborne foetus gets a pass but the kindly old man and the fucking rabbit have to get tarred and feathered. Why? For what reason? Do we trust babies but old men are the devils tools of destruction. Infants aren't capable of malicious thought or intent but bunnies have it in for you. In conclusion being alone for Valentines day sucks but Jesus, at least you don't have big dumb wings and an arrow.

All you need is love.