(February 8th 2013)


Blog: Kissing

I have to put my hands up on this one, I'm pretty guilty of being the single friend of the guy in a relationship. It's not that you're not happy that your friend is happy, you just wish you could be happy by finding someone who can find happiness in you. I'm super happy with how that sentence came out, so much so that I'm not even going to bother reading it back to myself. Before I'm accused for being a hypocrite based on my remarks about meta and self referential humour in a previous blog post, that poorly constructed sentence was intentional. Just like the typo in this sentence. Basically I never really know what to do when my friends get even a little bit touchy feely with their respective partners. I'm always self conscious about too obviously averting my eyes and inadvertently gawking. It seems to have balanced out a bit, I don't feel any more comfortable but if I alternate between the two extremes it must even out. Either that or I end up looking like a pervert with attention deficit disorder In conclusion you're not going insane, there was no typo in that sentence. It was all a lie.

Happy happy joy joy.