(February 1st 2013)

Why I Shouldn't Draw Comics

Blog: Why I Shouldn't Draw Comics

So this isn't a comic so much as an annotated page of a sketch book... that said, it's not an annotated page of a sketch book so much as a vent of neuroses. I try to write jokes about things that resonate with me on a personal level to some degree, obviously some things are going to resonate more than others. This one time I turned into a series of graphs, it was a very hard time for me. What I'm getting at is I do think about the things mentioned in this comic quite a lot when I draw it. I'm hoping that people who draw worry about similar things but first and foremost I hope I displayed a situation that is applicable to me in a way that an audience can also feel engaged by. I do worry that I make jokes only I will get or like... admittedly not as much as I worry about the REAL reason why I have those borders. It's a comic page about insecurities and I presume that's something that resonates for people who aren't me. People who aren't me is apparently quite a big, and important, demographic so, it's probably a fan base I should strive to attain. In conclusion I use those borders because for some reason they keep the legion of Lizard people at bay. The royal family are reptile-humanoids, the evidence is all there in black and white and crazy. Long live David Icke.

I am the lizard queen.