(December 21st 2012)


Blog: Christmas

So you may have already guessed but, I really like Peanuts. I drew a lot when I was younger but kind of fell out of love with it when I was 16, I think having to do it at GCSE (I used to be a lot better, I promise) may have sucked some of the fun out of it. I don't know. I still liked animation and comics but it wasn't until I started going to university that I started doodling again and, largely, I think it was due to Peanuts. They were gag strip style stories in an art style I found to be appealing. I don't think I'd be doing this web comic if I hadn't started reading Peanuts so, make of that what you will. I know the world, in all its facets and complexities, would not be even remotely fazed if I had never started drawing this comic but, for me personally, I do feel that running this site has been beneficial. In conclusion I'm sorry if you didn't like this blog post because it was too self indulgent but, I need to write something for all of my comic pages and, this was all I could think to say. Especially seeing as I already said Happy Holidays in the comic.

You're a good man Charlie Brown.