(December 14th 2012)

Heart Broken

Blog: Heart Broken

I know I'm not the only one who can't look back at past relationships without face palming. I'm hopefully not the only one who can't help but look back at past infatuations without face palming. I know things like love and relationships seem bigger than they actually are when you're a teenager and it's generally accepted that you learn from your mistakes and become maturer for it. Every so often though I do kind of wish I could go back and tell my younger self that it'll go away. Heartbreak, I can believe, would be a lot easier if you were told from an irrefutable source that your unrequited crush at 16 years old will not, in fact, continue to be horrifically unpleasant into your twenties. It probably won't be that unpleasant after a month. I think more heartbroken teens would benefit from being told that they're going to be okay and to take the opportunity to learn to not burden others with your bad mood. If failed relationships have taught me anything it's that the rest of the world is not responsible for my mood and it's not up to them to step on egg shells in my presence. In conclusion it probably would've been quite nice if the only thing I learnt from failed relationships was, how not to fail at relationships but, what are you gonna do?

Love is not admissible evidence.