(August 30th 2013)

Finale (Part 2 of 3)

Blog: Finale (Part 2 of 3)

So cards on the table time, the character's in this comic were taken from a screen play I wrote a few years ago about a group of friends who go to college together. I really liked them and It was apparent that nothing was going to happen with the script for a while so, I decided to make a gag strip with them as the main characters. I've not given up hope on getting the film made (I'd call it by it's name but, I'm not great at naming things so, it's had a number of ill fitting titles. I think the most recent one was 'It's the Play' because it's about Sam, Ed and John putting on a play for their Drama course). In all honesty I'm kind of hopeful any fan base this comic garners (no matter how small) will one day help with getting funding for the film. It's always easier to sell something when you can show that there are people willing to buy it, so to speak. In conclusion I like these characters and, although they're far from being perfectly written, they're still mine to experiment with and learn from.