(August 16th 2013)


Blog: Packing

Every time I have to pack for something I always leave it until the last minute. It's not always the morning of departure but Jesus I really have a knack for cutting it close. Not just packing; cleaning, contacting people, fixing things and, (thankfully not any more) working. I used to cut deadlines a little too close. Important deadlines. That's neither here nor there though (by which I mean, some day I might want to draw a comic specifically about leaving deadlines too late and I don't want the blog post to contain the words 'I've already talked about this so I'll try not to repeat myself'). Time always seems to slip through my fingers, in no small part because when given a long deadline (whether it be self imposed or set by a third party) my first reaction was usually to not start working on something right away because, hey, I've got plenty of time so why rush things? In conclusion I am very slowly but surely getting more organised. A surprising amount of it is just common sense now, which makes me inclined to believe that organisation is just a maturity thing at it's core. It comes naturally to some people and for others it comes more gradually but, in order to function as an adult, it does need to start manifesting sooner rather than later.

Mighty kites!