(August 9th 2013)

Comedy Writing

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I did stand up comedy for a while and, god willing, I'll return to it someday soon. I've known quite a few people who do comedy. Telling jokes and making people laugh is their thing. Comedy is their thing. I just want to make this clear because (and I know this isn't a new insight) it genuinely amuses and perplexes me how many people that do comedy are completely lacking in a sense of humour. I'm not saying comedy is effortless, it does require hard work to make something genuinely funny and I can understand why people would get protective of their comedy. I think I've already talked about the mindset of being overly protective of personal works so I'll try to avoid repeating myself (ironically this is the second time I've said 'I'll try to avoid repeating myself' now). What I will say is that I used to struggle to tell people jokes when asked. In hindsight, it's kind of funny but at the time it was really worrying. I was convinced that my type of comedy was never going to work because it was all so intrinsically set up based, I had to talk for a while and explain premises before I could make light of them, that was just how I worked back then. In conclusion comedy is not by nature a dick swinging, pissing contest. Some of the nicest people I've ever met have been comedians or involved with comedy in some way. It isn't always a source of conflict. It just amuses me when people who tell jokes professionally, can't take a joke.

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